Newsletter ☆ November 2022


Halloween Week


It was great playing with all our students at this year’s Halloween Week. Everyone enjoyed learning how Halloween is celebrated overseas and doing different spooky activities together. I liked making monsters with paper cups the most. I love seeing how creative our students are. See you next year!


* Kindergarten: In November, Kindergarten will learn weather expressions and how to use them

* PAE: PAE is studying sound-cluster phonics in preparation for creating a short script

* Elementary Sea: Students will study ‘Do you like OO?’ as well as phonics J, V, W and X

* Elementary Sky: Students will study ‘Where’s the OO / Where are OO?’ as well as phonics OW, OI and EAR

* Eiken: Students will continue to study vocabulary and grammar for the Eiken level 4 test

* Junior High School: Students will learn how to carefully describe actions.

* High School: Dictation Activities

☆避難訓練☆ 11月のある週はクラスで避難訓練を行います。日ごろから非常時にどういった行動をするべきか、考えるのはとても大切です。ご自宅でもこれを機会にお話ししてみませんか?

☆November & December Schedule☆

11/311/23は祝日の為お休み, 12/26~1/3は冬休みです。