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 English Themes 

Kindergarten: Kindergarten is learning Body Parts.

Sea: Sea will be learning body parts as well as counting, focusing on the phrase, ‘How many?’. They will review the phonics sounds of S A T P and will learn the new sound of I.

Sky: Sky will be learning present progressive verbs, focusing on the phrase, ‘What are you doing? What is he/she/it doing?’. They will review the phonics sounds of J V W X and learn the new sound of Y.

Star:  Star is learning indoor activities appropriate for the rainy season.

Space: They will be practicing various Eiken patterns and speaking about their personal activities.

☆June & July Schedule☆

Summer in Singapore

During the Golden Week holidays, I went back home to Singapore for a quick visit. Singapore was very hot and sunny, but I enjoyed myself a lot because I met my family and friends. I also saw many tourists in Singapore taking pictures with the famous Merlion!

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