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 English Themes 

Kindergarten: Kinder will be learning about the weather.

Sea: Sea students will be learning how to say their birthday. Vocabulary will include months and ordinal numbers. Phonics sounds are: T and P

Sky: Sky students will be learning how to use this/that/these/those. Vocabulary will include clothing and other descriptors. Phonics sounds are W and X. 

Star: Students will be learning about foreign countries.

Space: Students will practice talking about starting junior high school.


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Japan’s Funny Mascots

Japan has so many fun, cute, and crazy characters. For example, Kumamon, Guribu, Funassi, and Chiitan. I like watching videos about these characters. My favourite character is Gudetama. I think Gudetama is so funny. He is always sleeping and relaxing. Which is your favourite character? Please tell me when we next meet!

~ Ailsa

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