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 English Themes 

Kindergarten: Students will be studying feelings and emotions.

Sea: Students will be practicing how to introduce themselves and how to ask and answer, “Are you OO? Yes, I am. No, I’m not”. They will also learn the phonics sounds of S and A.

Sky: Students will be practicing reactions and how to talk about daily activities. They will also learn the phonics sounds of J and V

Star: Students will practice various ways to introduce themselves and their friends.

Space: Students will have a stronger emphasis on discussions and describing their thoughts in detail.

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Spring is finally here!

No more cold winter days, Spring is finally here. I want to tell you what activities I enjoy the most during this season. First, I like going on bike rides around the different bridges in Kagoshima City surrounded by Cherry Blossom trees. I also like to go pick strawberries and make my own smoothies. Let’s enjoy a warm and sunny spring and tell me which activities you enjoy this season. ~ Hiram  

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