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新規入会の方には ・入会月のお月謝無料 ・受講料を3か月間20%オフ ・図書カードをプレゼント

生徒さんのご紹介でそのご兄弟やお友達がご入会の場合、ご入会者数の分だけ ・3レッスン分のレッスンチケット(発行より3か月間有効) ・図書カードをプレゼント


年に1度だけのキャンペーン期間となります。皆さんの周りにもご興味のある方がいらっしゃいましたらぜひお声掛けください。まずは体験レッスンのご予約を承ります。   詳細は下記チラシでもご確認いただけます。  

 English Themes 

Kindergarten: Students will study Pets and their associated vocabulary.

Sea: Students are learning place and shop names, as well as, asking and giving directions. They are practicing the phonics sounds of OI and EAR. 

Sky: Students are learning how to ask and answer questions using the phrase ‘Which do you OO?’. They are practicing the phonics sounds of IR and ER

Star: Students will begin experimenting in the new model class and develop more verbal skills.

Space: In this unit, students will be discussing clubs and school activities.

Supernova: Listening and Reading Comprehension

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Cherry Blossoms!

Sakura Blossoms

It’s March, everybody! The cherry blossoms have come early this year. Did you know that some people in America also do hanami or flower watching? America received cherry blossom trees from Japan in 1912 – that’s 112 years ago! The trees were a gift to America to celebrate friendship.

In my old town of Imuta, we had a large lake with many cherry blossoms surrounding Lake Imuta. It was always beautiful during the flower watching season. I would go with my friends and sit under the trees, enjoying the cool breeze with them.

Do you like to go flower watching? Who do you go with?

If you can guess the name of my daughter, I will give you a sticker.

~ Eric



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