February Newsletter 2024
















 English Themes 

Kindergarten: Students will begin studying jobs/occupations.
Sea:  Students will continue to learn past tense and practice the phonics sounds of OW and OI. 
Sky: Students will continue to learn about jobs and practice the phrase ‘I’m going to….’. They will also practice phonics and long reading.
Star: Students will begin analyzing character motivations. WHY does character X perform action Y?
Space: This month we will learn to talk about our pets and school breaks.
Supernova: Listening and Reading Comprehension  

☆February & March Schedule☆



Family is everything!

Happy February everyone! I hope that you all had an excellent winter. During winter vacation, I went back to America! For the first time in 20 years, all of my family got together. Here is a picture. What do you think of us? When I was in Michigan, in January, it was very muddy, but now it’s snowy! Our winter comes kind of late. Meanwhile, Kagoshima seems very warm to me. I hope that you are having a great time with your families and are looking forward to spring.

~ Oz