November Newsletter 2023








English Themes

* Kindergarten: Kindergarteners will learn about Astronomy and how to talk about the cosmos in English.

* Sea: Students will be learning to say what they like and why. They will learn the phonics sounds of OO and AR.

* Sky: Students will be learning past tense. They will learn the phonics sounds of PH and WH.

* Star: Star Class will be moving into a new themed vocabulary unit with revamped characters to increase their engagement.

* Space: Learn useful phrases and words regarding their eating schedules and meals.

*Supernova: Listening and Reading Comprehension

☆November & December Schedule☆



November Half Marathon


The weather is very nice right now. It’s the perfect time for going outdoors. I really like hiking and running. I want to go hiking and see the autumn leaves in November. The red, yellow, and orange trees are so beautiful. I will also run a half marathon in November. So, I must train a lot! Please cheer me on!

~ Ailsa