September 2023 Newsletter


English Themes

* Kindergarten: Kindergarten will learn clothing, accessories, and the words to describe putting them on.

* Sea: Students will be learning how to say their daily schedules. They will learn the phonics sounds of IGH and OA.

* Sky: Students will be learning how to say when they do activities. They will learn the phonics sounds of Silent E – O and U sound.

* Star: Star Class will continue their reading exercises while adding Improvisational Theater activities.

* Space: Practicing speaking

*Supernova: Grammar Review + Describing Situations

☆September & October Schedule☆


Start of the school year?


In September, students in America and other countries start the new school year. They are excited to see their friends and meet their new teachers after a long summer break. Why does school start in September? The school year ends in May and summer break is from June to August. That’s three months of NO SCHOOL or homework. In the past, it was important for the students to help their families on the farm during the summer break. But now, they can just relax and have fun.  How was your summer break?

~ Eric



Review Video for September 2023