August 2023 Newsletter

English Themes

* Kindergarten: Kindergarten students will learn about animals and their sounds and motions.

* Sea: Students will learn how to say their school schedules and learn words for subjects, time, and weekdays. They will also learn the phonics sounds of NG, AI, and EE.

* Sky: Students will learn how to talk about actions at places (e.g. I am playing soccer at the park). They will learn words for places and study the phonics sounds of EA and Silent E.

* Star: Star Class students will review the grammar and vocabulary they have learned thus far through reading stories.

* Space:  We will work on how to form questions and link our thoughts together.

*Supernova: Grammar Review + Describing Situations

☆August & September Schedule☆



Sunflowers: Beautiful and Tasty

It sure is hot these days, isn’t it? I hope that everybody is enjoying the summer. As for me, one of my favorite things about summer is the sunflowers. Near my home in Michigan in America, we have big sunflower fields that start blooming this time of year.  In fact, dried sunflower seeds are a famous snack in the summertime in the USA. These days, it’s so hot that I try not to go outside much, but, when I do, I like to see things like this. It’s a picture from the Agricultural Park in Kagoshima. Sometimes, on weekends, I’ll go there with my friends to look at the beautiful flowers. I hope everybody else has wonderful summer plans, too.

~    Oz


Review Video for July 2023