July 2023 Newsletter




English Themes

* Kindergarten: Kinder will learn motions and numbers.

* Sea:  Students will be learning basic sentence structure. Vocabulary will be action words and phonics will be TH and NG.

* Sky:  Students will be learning sentence structure including place. Vocabulary will be objects and location words and phonics will be AY, OY, IE, and EA.

* Star: Will focus on vocabulary study by focusing on adjectives and adverbs.

* Space:  They will practice various verb forms: to be verbs, linking verbs, etc.

*Supernova: Tenses Review & Reading Comprehension

☆July & August Schedule☆


Summer is here~

Yuyuan News Letter

It’s time to go out and play.

I don’t like to play sports, but I like watching sports.

I enjoy watching soccer games at the stadium on weekends.

My favorite part is the cheering and eating and drinking.

What about you? Do you like playing, or watching sports too?

~    Yuyuan


Review video for June 2023


Review Video for July 2023