June 2023 Newsletter



English Themes

* Kindergarten: Kindergarten will begin studying the parts of the human body.

* Sea: Students will learn a simple sentence structure and continue to review last year’s phonics letters.

* Sky: Students will learn the basic structure of an English sentence and continue to review last year’s phonics letters.

* Star: Star class will continue the study of Verbs while adding in new parts of speech.

* Space:  They will practice irregular nouns and verbs.

*Supernova: Vocabulary Build-Up pt.2

☆June & July Schedule☆


Cool drink to beat the heat~

It’s starting to warm up in Kagoshima. I like to stay cool by drinking cold drinks.
I often go to cafes on the weekend and order an iced drink.
I love iced cafe lattes, but I also love apple juice!
In Australia, there is a drink called Ginger Beer. Ginger Beer is not really beer!
It is a ginger-flavored soda drink. I feel refreshed when I drink it.
If you see it, please try it! ~    Ailsa


Review video for May 2023


Review video for June 2023